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Portrait of a congregation.

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

31 August, 2021

Francesca de Fontenelle will show her recent paintings at

on the 24th and 25th September 2021 open day at VO Curations. The studios are open from 11-6pm at VO Curations, 4th floor, 40 Broadway, London SW1H 0BT.

“St James’s Church Piccadilly has been the spiritual home of many interesting people. As a present day worshipper at St James’s I am painting friends and fellow worshippers and am in this way slowly building up a ‘portrait’ of a cross section of the congregation at this point in time. The person sitting does not have to be personally known me- in many ways I prefer that they are not (although friends are touchingly willing to sit). The only criteria for the portraits is that a person wants to sit and can make it to my studio across St James’s park! It is important to me that the paintings are done in a spirit of acceptance of the person who is painted. This does not mean being neutral- but being still. Pun unintended!”

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