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Commissioning a portrait is a special way to celebrate a particular time, memory, person or stage in life and is something that will last many lifetimes. Often people find sitting a uniquely enjoyable experience which takes them out of their every-day routine. I am always interested in the sense of the presence of the person and what can arise in the interaction with the sitter.  Each portrait brings new challenges. 


Oil on linen 34" x 24"


The price depends on the size, medium, and the number of figures in a portrait. A head and shoulders drawing done in pencil or watercolour, etching or lithograph starts at £500. A complex family group could be anything up to £10,000. A more usual price might be for example a portrait of two people on a canvas size of about 32" square would be about £3,000-£5,000. A single portrait of a similar size might be £2,000.

The price of the portrait does not include expenses such as framing, travel, accommodation or delivery.



When you commission the portrait you should think about

  • What do you want to include in the picture?

  • What size will it be (this is the size of the unframed work)

  • What medium would you prefer: oil, acrylic, watercolour, pencil, lithograph, wood-cut, print-making etc?

  • When do you need it finished by?


First we would have a phone meeting to talk about what medium you want the portrait to be in, where the sittings will take place, what to wear and any special objects you would like to include in the painting.

Once you have decided you want a portrait, we can meet to go into greater detail, talk about and maybe sketch out ideas. The initial discussions are held without commitment on either side and the commitment is made only once the deposit is paid.

The pricing consists of two elements; a fee and expenses. Expenses are travel costs and accommodation, for example if I have to stay somewhere in order to carry out the commission.

Once we have agreed on a price I will send you a email to confirm the commission and outline what you are paying for. I usually take a 25 percent deposit before starting work and the rest when it is finished but if you prefer to pay in instalments that is fine too.



The number and length of sittings will vary according to what kind of portrait you want. On average one person would take about 24 hours sitting time and most people find twelve sittings of 2 hours convenient. I am happy to travel to your home, to paint in my studio in London or to arrange some other mutually convenient location.


I use the best quality canvases (typically Belgium or French oil primed linen), strong stretchers and high quality paints and mediums. This results in a quality work of art which will last.



Although this is not part of the commission I strongly recommend framing the painting. I am happy to do this for you and will quote you the price of framing plus delivery. However many people prefer to frame the painting, drawing or print themselves.



Once paid for, the painting is yours but the rights to images of the painting and any reproductions remain with me, the artist.


The paintings can be shipped to anywhere in the UK and worldwide. I use a company which ships valuable and fragile items. Remember, paintings can only be sent by post if they are touch dry- so bear this in mind when you choose the medium you would like the painting is to be painted in. Oil paint takes at least a month to touch dry ready for sending whereas acrylic paint drys in a couple of hours.  

Please contact me for a quote. 


If you are interested in commissioning a painting or have any additional questions I am happy to speak to you.

++44 07984233842

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